For the modern gamer, mustang money slot game is the best choice. You can play whenever you want, however you want, and even play on the go, but you also have a better chance of winning because rates are significantly higher. The township of Staffin is renowned for its dinosaur footprints, which are still visible on the beach, only ten minutes walk from the house. However, if you wish to take the easy route and see them at the local museum, they have casts of the feet at Staffin Museum at Ellishadder, which is almost opposite another ‘must see’ sight in the area and that is Kilt Rock. The Kilt Rock was formed from basalt into “pleats” during volcanic activity millions of years ago. Spectacular views of the dramatic coastline south of Staffin can be had from the safety of the fenced viewpoint close to the cliff edge on Skye’s north eastern seaboard. Not only that but, if the weather has been a little wet (which it sometimes is!), then you can see the waterfall that dramatically gushes from the cliff top into the sea below. If you are feeling adventurous and you like fishing, then one of the best places to go is Brother’s Point. This is a dramatic peninsula that juts into the sea and can be accessed by looking out for The Glenview Hotel in Culnacnock (4 miles south of Staffin), parking in the layby on the roadside and over the other side of the road is a signpost to Brother’s Point, although it is a bit of a walk it is well worth it. Coming back up the road to Staffin, you will pass Skyelight Candles on your right, as you enter the township. Again, this is worth a visit as it is now the only full-time decorative candle making company on Skye, with their own heather scent. Your next stop could either be the Columba 1400, which has internet cafe and restaurant, or one of the two local shops – both are within 3 minutes of entering Staffin from the Portree side. The local shop also has a restaurant and cafe attached to it, called the Kilmartin, if you are feeling peckish. Within minutes you will be at the cottage but, if you turn off to the right just before you reach the cottage, you will end up on Staffin Beach. Plenty of places to park the car and amble along the single track road or go down to the beach itself and walk over the golden sands and rocky cliffs. You can take the car to the end of the single track road and park it while you continue on foot and walk over the cliff tops, looking down on the spectacular scenery.

Coming out of the house and turning left in your car will take you towards Uig, either via the Quiraing or Duntulm – the choice is yours. Before you have to make that choice, you will pass MacKenzie’s Stores on your left, where you can also buy petrol or deisel. After taking the first bend, you will see on your right the local Post Office, open Monday to Saturday 9am til noon. This is where you have to make a choice. The road splits and either goes over the Quiraing or goes round the top end of the island to Uig. If you take the Quiraing route, you will be party to some of the most special views on Skye. There are countless walks on the Quiraing itself and, especially on a lovely sunny day, you will be able to see the whole township of Staffin as well as Staffin and Foldigarry islands. This road is all single track so, do take care but it is worth the journey! If, however, you decide to take the top road trip, you will be taken to Flodigarry, where the famous hotel sits; Duntulm, where the ruins of the castle can still be seen; Flora Macdonald’s grave; the Museum of Island Life, Kilmuir and many little arts and crafts places hidden here and there. So, as you see, there is plenty to be doing on the top part of the island alone!